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Don't find out the hard way that the "Handy Man" you hired doesn't know as much about electrical as you thought, get the job done right the first time!

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L&E Electrical Contractors Inc.
We are very diversified in the electrical field. Larry Rice has over 45 years in the electrical trade. He has run a 45 person company doing everything from multi-million dollar complexes to standard service calls for fixing somebody's light bulb. Larry was trained by some of the best electricians in Pennsylvania and New Jersey in the Commercial and residential fields. Growing up on a farm and having the electrical background, the agricultural aspect evolved rather quickly as motors broke down or new were needed, we all know farmers can't have their operation down for to long, there is too much at stake.   Larry started training Erick in the electrical field when he was in kindergarten, wiring outlets in the basement. A year later, he had Erick help wiring his first house. The love of this field of work never left him and after completing his electrical courses in school Erick has been working Full time along side his father learning and enjoying every aspect of the trade as well. Erick now has over 15 years full time experience and is on every job we do.  

Today, Larry and his son Erick operate a smaller crew yet still cover the whole CNY region. We have all the proper tools to get the job done the right way and in an efficient manner, with a 45' bucket truck and a fully loaded utility truck we can complete almost every job out there in a quick and courteous manner.  We carry the Auburn, Rochester, and Fulton NY Master Electrician licenses, and are fully insured.

 We aren't just another fly by night company that is here today and gone tomorrow, We will be around for all of your electrical needs, now and in the future.